Watch Out World

I’m here. Yes, I’m here. I have decided to force my random jumbled thoughts out onto the screen so that those of you who want to can read what is happening in my life.

A little something about me. My name is Cam Birch and I’m an internet and high tech entrepreneur. I run a small, very small, IT consulting company called New Genesis Solutions. This has been my full and part time job for so long that I’ve only worked a few months in a “respectable” job. I work from home and get to experience all the wonderful benefits of no traffic, no commuting and most especially no dress code!

I expect that I’ll be talking about whatever is on my mind at the moment and some of those topics are likely to be:

  • Small Business
  • The Web
  • Finance
  • IT & High Tech
  • Cool Stuff
  • Taxes

Welcome to my world!

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