Wasting Time Instead Of Making Money

ProductiveThe first danger to work at home productivity is not working at all.  From my experience this is the first and most common productivity killer and usually the one that ends most work at home options.  Not doing any work certainly ensures starvation and lack of money will be soon behind.

Desire To Do Work Later

One sure sign of this problem occurring is when you intend to do work later but never get around to doing it.  Often times a good show is on TV and suddenly you find that you just spent the last 6 hours watching miscellaneous television crap.  Getting lost in doing anything but work is a serious productivity killer and will certainly spell doom to your work at home career.

The most powerful tool to combat a desire to put of work is simply will power.  Just force yourself to set the record on the TV and watch it later.  By making work more important it eventually will become a habit of being important.

The next most powerful tool is to use short deadlines.  When a project deadline is a month or more away it can be rather easy to slack off until you are under the gun.  Whereas when a deadline is only a few days away it can be much harder to slack off knowing you will miss your deliverable.  For larger or long projects you will have to break the project down into several smaller milestones.  This will not only help to encourage a more active work ethic it will also help you to know how far done your projects really are.

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