Upgrading & The Internet

I just upgraded my blogging platform from Word Press 2.7.1 to 2.8.1.  I’ve been trying to upgrade to 2.8 for a while and every time I upgraded there were issues with the dashboard and numerous HTTP 500 errors occurring all over the place.  Needless to say I had pretty much decided that I was stuck with the older version of Word Press until some sort of odd bug was ironed out.

As a final effort just to cover all my bases I e-mailed the support for my hosting provider.  Turns out Word Press needs a newer version of PHP then my web host provides by default.  No wonder I have been having difficulty!  After making a few updates, poof.  Everything works and now I’m up and running the latest edition of my blogging platform.

Haven’t really noticed anything much new with this release (likely do to some of the hacks and modifications I have done manually) but my policy is to backup and then upgrade to the latest edition of everything.  Especially when it has some sort of Internet access.

I am always surprised by some of my customers who are fully happy to run products that are years if not decades out of date.  I can understand for the most part the fact that new features are expensive to train for, but bugs and security issues are even more expensive to clean up after.  The item that is most hilarious to me is when the customer is paying a yearly support fee to keep up to date and yet they don’t bother updating even though the update is free as well as the support required to install.

I need to find myself some more customers like that.  Being paid to do nothing is always nice, doesn’t last for long though.  So if you know someone who wants to pay for high quality support and then never use it, please forward them on to me :).  On second thought maybe not, I prefer offering actual value to customers for their money.

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