To Mom

Definition of a Mother

With today being Mother’s Day I thought I would talk about mothers.

Mom, Mommy, Mother.  All of us have one.  I would expect that most of us actually love and care for our mothers.  A quick look around at all the talk about Mother’s Day shows that rather than talking about mothers who are exceptional this year the media is concentrating on the economic effects of Mother’s Day.

What is so surprising though is that mothers are not quite as interested in receiving expensive gifts as they are in spending more time with those they love.  A recent online poll by showed that 23% of mothers really want a family gathering, with 13% wanting dinner out and 12% wanting extra sleep.  These numbers are quite helpful to see just how much our mothers care for us.  Most mothers would find that a card and a phone call (not too early), or a home cooked meal would more than cover their special wants for this special day.

Giving to our mothers can be an important way to demonstrate our love and affection.  Far more important than a gift though, is the time we spend making sure our efforts are what our mothers truely desire.  More people give gifts for the sake of a gift than giving for the sake of blessing our mothers.

This Mother’s Day lets make mother proud.  Go the extra mile and spend time before we spend money.  Take the time to think about your mother, maybe even write her a note or give her a call, then buy her a gift if you believe your mother will truely love it.  She will appreciate the extra effort and you will appreciate your mother more.

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