The Future Is… A Sticky Screen

Yes, you read that right, pretty soon that sticky gooey LCD screen in front of your boss won’t just be gross due to random jelly ridden fingers.  Microsoft is trying to make sure everyone has a sticky screen on purpose.  The new tech of the future according to Microsoft is touch screens and cleaning wipes.

First out from Microsoft was the Microsoft Surface with their Hotels and million dollar yachts.  After playing with the millionaires for a while it looks like Microsoft has set their sites on the rest of us.  Yes, finally the regular everyday guy with a few thousand extra dollars can head down to the computer store and purchase a touch driven computer.

Windows 7 has so many hidden gems it looks like I’ll be spending tens of thousands of dollars on a all new computer system.  I had to see it to believe it so here it is:

My first thought was that this is just a super sized Pocket PC.  After watching a few more times I would say that they are taking advantage of the newer touch technologies that products like the iPod Touch have been using.  It’ll make sure we have nice sticky screens all the time but who doesn’t have a huge box of cleaning wipes just lying around?  The older touch technology was never very good anyway, even most of the Tablet PCs on the market only have an effective resolution of 800 x 600.  I am certainly expecting more out of this.

The only problem with a cool new tech like this is even if Microsoft gets everything perfect there are dozens of hardware companies that could screw this up by producing inferior monitors.  Well, with Windows 7 way off on the horizon maybe the hardware will catch up.

When is Windows 7 coming out by the way?  Microsoft may know but they certainly aren’t telling.  If your really in a rush for touch, get yourself an iPod and play around, maybe that’ll tide you over till the real thing shows up.

What else can you do while you’re waiting?  Well for one you can stock up on screen wipes.

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