Technology Helping Or Hurting Business

The Internet has been changing the landscape of businesses dramatically.  Especially lately with far more widespread adoption of high speed Internet access in both the home and at the office.  In most business environments now people have direct access to the Internet.

How are we as small business owners taking advantage of this?  Are we using technology to our advantage or are we regularly fighting with it?

If you are fighting with technology you really don’t have very many options, either dump it altogether and loose out on the options and opportunities offered or get some help.  Really I don’t quite understand why people choose to do absolutely everything themselves in small business.  I understand that money is often tight but if you could free up lets say 2 hours a day could you possibly find a way to earn more money with that spare time?

Chances are you are wasting more than 2 hours a day with technology that is either poorly suited to you or just plain crappy.  Free software and old cheap computer hardware can be one way of saving money but more likely you are being penny wise and pound foolish.  Buying or building the proper technology for your business will not only make you more productive but it will make your life more enjoyable.

Rather than fighting with whatever piece of techno-crap you have cobbled together you may want to consider actually finding a savvy computer person to perform a little consulting for you.  I’m not talking about spending weeks of time and recommending a million dollar investment, I mean just take a look at what you have setup and see if they have some recommendations that could make life better.

A complete overhaul of your operations from a technology standpoint may be exactly what you need but obviously money isn’t unlimited so start small and build.  When you get technology though make sure you are purchasing for a purpose, saving money just because you can will often come back to bite you with technology.  Quality hardware and software does cost money and having a techno geek around to advise what is actually quality and what is overpriced will be worth it.

Remember technology can either waste your time or free your life.  If you want to achieve freedom you will have to spend effort on getting the right stuff for your business, or find a technology consultant to help.

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