Taking Work With You – Skype

When you run a small business there are times where you may want to keep in contact with others.  Communication with people can be one of the most important parts of a business.  When you are traveling or otherwise not in your normal place of business it can be more difficult to maintain your normal methods of communication.

Your cell phone is obviously one of the first go to tools for mobile communication.  Unfortunately most cell phone plans can have huge extra costs attached when you use it in a non-normal fashion.  While this cannot always be avoided there are other options available for communication should you be aware of these options.

One of the most popular IM (instant messaging) and communication tools for personal use is Skype.  This tool has become incredibly popular in Europe and is slowly gaining popularity in North America.  While the popularity of Skype is gaining quickly in the personal use it is also gaining use in the business world.

Skype is free for use when calling from Skype to Skype user.  They also offer incredibly cheap flat fee calling rates for North American calling.  Skype can be considered a cost effective alternative to most long distance calls.  It can also be used as a very effective way of enabling various teams to collaborate over distances of a city block to half a world away.

I use Skype on a day to day basis to facilitate the communication between myself and my customers.  The number 1 feature I like is the sound quality provided.  The quality provided is actually significantly better than the sound quality from a conventional cell phone or land line.

Skype is a rather useful tool for a business person.  It will help cut down on long distance charges, and assist with increasing the communication between teams of people.

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