Taking Time Off In A Small Business – Part III

This is a follow up to part 2 of this series.  In part 1 we talked about why you should take time off in a small business.  In part 2 we talked about ways to enable yourself to take time off.

Now we get to discuss some of the most exciting parts.  What the heck do you do with yourself once you actually take time off.  When I am working hard at a new project I often find myself in a crazy groove.  This causes me to think about work all the time, even when not working.  I find it distracts from enjoying my time off.  Sometimes I have even decided to work instead of time off due to it.

The first step is to try to clear your head from work.  My experience has found performing an activity opposite of work can help.  Sometimes this can be cleaning the house, or cooking a meal (yes I cook on occasion).  Just sitting down and watching TV doesn’t work for me.  The only exception for TV is the news, sometimes when I’m really fried from work I watch the news and that will clear my mind.  Refocusing after work is a difficult task by itself, but well worth learning.

The next step will be to find something to do.  Doing nothing is a viable option here and sometimes it needs to be exercised.  Especially if you are taking a few days off from a long stint of working.  Take a little time to recharge and get ready for some fun.

The only problem with suggesting fun activities is what might be fun for me isn’t always fun for others.  I will mention a few items here in the hopes that it will help your own search.


Playing or watching.  As long as its not at home, at home this is called doing nothing.  Even something simple like finding a group to play floor hockey with works well.  Just make sure you don’t find a group that is going to pummel you since you still need to be presentable for work later.


If you have a gym membership that has been getting moldy somewhere maybe this is a good time to crack it out.  Exercising can be invigorating and make you feel like you have more energy.  Don’t overdo it though since you can easily do something foolish if the gym isn’t part of your regular routine.

Dinner Out

Maybe take some of that hard earned cash and put it to work serving you dinner.  Relax and have someone else make all the food for a change.  Head to your favorite restaurant or try to find a new favorite.


If your working all the time hasn’t scared away all your friends maybe this is a good time to remember what they look like.  Call them up and go for coffee.  Or do any of the other activities mentioned here with them.

Movies/Bowling, etc.

Go see a flick, or bowl a few frames.  Try something new or do something you might not have done in a while.

Do Nothing

Sleep, watch TV, see some of those DVD’s that you never have time for.  Doing nothing can be important.  Just be sure you don’t overdue it since doing nothing isn’t quite the same as doing something.

I have presented just a few options.  Hopefully this will encourage your originality and find something exciting for you to do in your time off.

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