Taking Time Off In A Small Business – Part II

3297205226_a12b175d49_mThis is a follow up to part 1 of this series.  In part 1 we talked about why you should take time off in a small business.

In this part we will talk about ways to take time off in your business without killing the business.  Some of these methods work better for businesses with employees and other methods may work more generically.  Feel free to adapt the suggestions as needed for your specific situation.

Non-Peak Hours

Business usually runs through cycles during the day where you are busy with customers and then not so much.  Using these non-peak hours can give you much needed time off.  Take a nap, go shopping, essentially use this time to recharge.

Book Time

Do you answer the phone during meetings?  If your answer is no then book yourself a meeting at the end of the day.  This will ensure you don’t work later than planned and anyone who checks your schedule (if posted) will believe you are busy.  It is always possible an emergency could come up but call screening or having a special ring tone for that number will alert you to the difference between someone calling and someone who really needs you now.


Sometimes being predictably unavailable for a certain day of the week is actually better than closing early.  Customers will learn the schedule and most will respect you.  Much like most Asian Restaurants seem to be closed on Mondays you can pick a day and just make it your day off.  Depending upon your business that day could be a weekend or a weekday.  Just don’t pick your busiest day to take off.

Train A Replacement

Often times the ultimate goal of a business is to earn yourself a continuous stream of income.  How much better would it be if you didn’t have to work at all and yet you still earned money.  Working yourself out of a job can be a very good option.  Not only do you get to take more time off, but you will have someone you can trust if something unexpected happens and you just cannot work.  Eventually once you have replaced yourself you will be free to turn your attentions on other more important things.  You could spend time with your family or even start yet another business.

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