Small Business Growth Hampered

With the economy slowly coming back to life small businesses are looking around and seeing just how many went down.  With the majority of people in North America working for firms and companies that didn’t receive any financial help small business is now wondering why.

The US government was willing to spend over a trillion dollars to help out about a dozen large companies but for some reason they decided that spending a few million dollars to help thousands of small companies wasn’t worth the effort.  Small business is really the source of income for most Americans and without help they are suffering badly.

Now with some business starting to pick up again a new and more dangerous problem has occurred.  Once again no money is actually available and business are being choked out of their ability to expand.  With the economy rising why is the government not targeting short term expansion funding and start-up grants for small business?

When small businesses decide to grow they grow with incredible speed.  This is what is happening to many small businesses today, or it would be if they could acquire the required bridge financing to actually hire staff.  I know the government has said that a fair number of the recently lost jobs are jobs that will never come back so why are they not helping create the new positions that could be so easily created.

This is beginning to sound like quite a rant but the truth is that normally small business doesn’t really need the governments help.  Yet with banks being stupid like always and the economy only just starting to rise out of the crapper the government really needs to get with the program to help boost small business.  Heating up small business growth is good for everyone, not only will it provide much needed jobs but small businesses are the big business of tomorrow so we need to build them up before the government has spent billions to achieve nothing.

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