Oh Apple, Deliver Me From The Disappointment

planet-appleNow that Apple day is finally over it is time to see what drinking the Kool-aid has caused.  Hopefully with so many people drinking from the same trough we don’t see a new outbreak of the swine flu.  Taking a look at the mess of tweets and blog posts, as well as Apple’s official marketing material shows that Apple managed to create a lot of hype around a very small number of announcements today.

New iPhone

The worst kept secret in the history of secrets.  Apple announced another new iPhone.  This new iPhone has a number of gee-whizz new features that could just as easily been loaded up into the old phone.  Quite simply Apple is doing what the cell phone world expects.  You release a new, slightly upgraded, phone every 6-12 months or you go broke.  Apple’s new phone has some useful new features if you already have an iPhone, but for someone who doesn’t have an iPhone this one is unlikely to convince you to switch.  Where is the slide out keyboard, where are the productivity applications that make this into a Blackberry killer?  The iPhone is still just a shiny toy with very little meat on its bones.

Unfortunately for Apple one of the main reasons why their phone sucks actually has nothing to do with their phone, its all because the cell phone companies find perverse pleasure in over charging and under delivering.  At least Apple only overcharges, they usually deliver something good.

Cheaper Laptops

Along with some minor adjustments to the Mac product line to bring them back from junk to almost state of the art, the Mac laptops have had their price adjusted.  Now the laptops start at only overpriced instead of grossly overpriced.  Fortunately with the new changes these new laptops are somewhat comparable to other major product lines by Dell, or HP.  With a premium of course, but if you didn’t pay extra for a Mac you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the amazing design innovations.

New OS

An announcement almost worthy of all the fanfare.  A new operating system for Mac owners.  This is actually something that all Mac owners can be proud of.  A major improvement to the core operating system resulting in huge speed increases and massive productivity enhancements.  All these little changes make for an excellent service release update from Apple.  Unfortunately you have to pay for this service pack, but at least it can be considered worth paying for.

All in all I am slightly disappointed with Apple this time around.  All the product leaks and speculation left me with very high expectations and I do not feel that the new iPhone really delivers on these promises.  I yearn for the days past when the product announcements from Apple would cause major earthquakes through the tech world.  This year with all the product leaks and early announcements I have found myself far more disappointed in each product and presentation.  Maybe I’m just jaded and Apple has created something truly revolutionary, if they did please help me see what I’m missing.  Come on Apple, deliver me some amazement.

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