Laptop Depot (Canada) Fraud

2562313672_2512458737_oI have just discovered that Laptop Depot ( is willing to defraud their customers by selling them pirated software and operating systems.  What would cause a company to think that selling stolen software is OK is beyond me.  Especially since Microsoft and others have been targeting such criminal sales people by ensuring better validation and checking.

An unfortunate member of my family unwittingly purchased a laptop from this business expecting to save some money by purchasing a factory refurbished laptop.  Usually I advise my family and friends against purchasing used due to how fast computers become obsolete but when saving a buck, used can be the place to look for most people.

A sad story unfolded in which the sales agent feed them a line about this particular laptop having 4 processors and being worth 3x what they were paying.  They were also sold a story about the laptop only being 6 months old.  Had I or any reputable computer person been present we would have been able to correct this sorely misguided sales agent.  Unfortunately the story was accepted as told because who wouldn’t believe a truthful sounding person talking greek about a computer.

Now down to the out and out fraud.  This computer came pre-installed with a pirated copy of Windows Vista.  I don’t know about you but when I’m purchasing a computer (or anything else for that matter), from a supposedly legitimate store, I expect not to receive stolen or pirated software.  I am currently in the process of contacting the company and will keep everyone up to date as this progresses.

*Update: Finally resolved acceptably.  The sad tale follows.

Regarding the unlicensed software.  Laptop Depot provided the laptop to my family member with a “clean” install of Microsoft Vista.  The manager of Laptop Depot stated quite emphatically that their installation disk does not ask for a CD Key and after the installation the technician should have properly inserted the CD Key from the underside of the laptop.  Since I have actually built Vista installation disks before I know that this is crap and the only way for the install to skip the CD Key step is for one to already be on install disk.  Laptop Depot had an install disk with a pirated key and thus… pirated software.  My trust in Laptop Depot is essentially zero at this point.

After solving the CD Key issue and bringing the laptop back to life my family member checked out their receipt and noticed that the specifications I had stated of the laptop and the ones actually printed on the receipt did not match.  A very subtle difference was noted, the laptop was an Intel T2300 Core Duo, and the receipt stated that the laptop was suppose to be an Intel Core 2 Duo.  This slight difference between Core and Core 2 is so minor that you would think it really doesn’t matter.  Sadly its actually the difference between a laptop that runs Windows XP well and a laptop that runs Windows Vista well.

With that knowledge in hand we then tromped down to the location that sold this incorrect laptop and attempted to have it swapped for the correct piece of hardware, or a refund.  This should have been an easy process.  Show the receipt, the sales guy looks at it, compare it to the laptop and says, oops, and fixes everything.  Unfortunately we had a major battle, anyone with a lesser knowledge of computer hardware would likely have been a casualty in this process.  After much fighting and the sales guy being finally proven 100% wrong about 6 times they finally caved and handed over the correct computer.

Any other retail shop I have dealt with in the past has been like a sweet dream compared to Laptop Depot.  Treachery, lying and outright combat, I am quite disappointed with their business practices and will never purchase from Laptop Depot again.

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    1. I’m not sure I would go with scam, but they are definitely not providing a good service. Slimy and untrustworthy is very true though. I cannot recommend against purchasing from there enough.

  1. I had a chance to buy remarked (that’s right re-marked) Laptop from laptop depot a few months ago at south edmonton common.

    Before that, I was looking for higher-end laptops there, and the sales person would give me all sorts of reasons why to buy an LG ( the most expensive one) laptop instead of Acer. One reason he gave is worth sharing , “LG laptop has everything made by LG in it”. Well, thank God I didn’t buy anything else from them, and later sold my other laptop to a Filipino for $200 ( Bought it two months before for 380 ).

    So you’re quite right in saying they’re not really honest in giving what they show.

    1. Sometimes it really surprises me that they actually make money with such despicable practices.

      I love that LG reference. To the best of my knowledge there is no manufacturer that actually makes all of what goes inside a laptop. Its actually close to being impossible given the complexity of a computer. I think the closest manufacturer would be Intel, but they don’t make laptops.

  2. You just format the drive and re-install with your own copies of stuff you didn’t have to pay for. simple, problem solved 🙂
    you know whats sad? you know whats a sad tale, the animals in slaughterhouses, not comps

  3. Lap top depot is a scam.I bought an extended warranty on my laptop $200.00 they didnt cover my warranty because i had lost my reciept.They even loooked in their record it shows my name but shows James Smith as the original owner.The thug sales guy tells me its not my computer

  4. I too, was taken by sales person, not telling the truth.
    The software on my computer was only a trial.
    I ended up having to pay $300.00 more dollars to Staples to have a computer that I could actually use. An outdated laptop second hand that was outdated when I purchased it cost me $900.00. Just makes me sick to know I wasted all that money. I could have bought a top of the line new computer with lots more warrenty. I was sick at the time and the sales people took my Husband for a ride, knowing he didn’t know the difference. The sales person told him I would never need another thing, it would last me for years. We are retired on fixed income this money we spent is a lot of money to us. We were taken advantage because of our age.

  5. I used to work there and I eventually walked out after seeing how they would take advantage of people who didn’t know anything to make a quick sale, especially the elderly. It’s basically the equivalent of a used car lot but with computers. I don’t even know why someone would buy a refurb when you can buy brand new from a place like Best Buy for an extra 100 dollars.

  6. My screen went bad(large black spots). Laptop Depot refuses to honour the warranty that is 3 year parts and labour, which I paid $200 for. They are claiming physical damage, which is BS. It’s just a 1 in 10000 bad screen!


    I heard that they are in financial difficulty, as well, which does not surprise me!

  7. OH! and one more thing ,actually 2

    The serial # on my warranty card does not match the serial# on the Apple G5

    I have a big sign at my place facing the gas station. It says:

    I would just love it if Laptop Depot got a court order forcing me to take down the sign. I would take the sign down and put up a BIGGER ONE that says the same Thing!

  8. My husband and I bought a lap top at Laptop Depot in 2008. After being told it was the fastest lap top in the store and we trusted this guy, we get it home only to find out that just is not the case !!! It freezes all the time, when we take it in for ‘clean up’, they say it runs just fine.
    Then in May of this year our screen went black, we take it in and they send it off to the other side of the world for repair. After 7 weeks we get it back and it was the mother board. Thankfully we got the 3 year warranty.
    We had our laptop home for 3 weeks and the same thing happens. We send it away again and this time it is gone 8 weeks. SAME THING. they said the motherboard was faulty. (cough) I got my laptop home and plugged it in, it not only froze on me twice…..but I now had no working keypad. I call them up, they say to bring it back in. That was last Monday… Sept the 13th. I call today to see where my laptop is….THE KEY PAD IS STILL IN TRANSIT FROM CALGARY which is 3 hours away.
    I find this to be totally unnacceptable and ridiculous. It is my husbands year end and we have no computer.
    I am so upset right now !!!!

  9. My daughter bought a laptop from this store and they
    did not tell us that it was reconditioned. On check-out
    we did not see the 5X7 sign on the counter explaining this. When we took it back because they had not removed
    the password from it, and asked for a refund the store
    manager said “it won’t happen” and walked away from us.
    This reconditioned unit was only $150.00 less than a new one at a competitor. We will not go back or recommend them to anyone.

  10. G says “So what if the software is pirated?”

    Pirated software is illegal is the first reason that comes to mind. Then there is the spyware and trojans that often come along with the pirated software.

  11. Thanks for the info Cam, as well as all those who posted as well. I am looking for an inexpensive laptop and was just on the “Laptop Depot” site. The ‘refurbished’ computers is not what I was looking for.

  12. Laptop Depot called me after I made a big fuss, and said they wanted to take it to Apple Care to get the Black spots on the screen analyzed. That was 3 months ago!!! I phoned Apple Care and they have NO RECORD WHATSOEVER of receiving my G-5 iMac! I phoned Laptop Depot to get the Apple repair order # so that Apple Care can better track wether or not they received my G-5. Laptop Depot has not returned my calls! I BIGGER SIGN is in the works!

  13. RE My G-5 iMAC. Still no response from Laptop Depot!

    Wednesday morning. Totem Hardware. Sheet of plywood, White paint and 1/2 pint of Marine enamel for the letters!

  14. Alec maybe u have black marks on your screen becuse u broke it??? thats the only way black marks appear on your screen, i purchased my apple laptop from laptop depot 1 year ago and have been treated really good, all i can say is that Laptop Depot has been awsome to me!

  15. @mike G I did not damage the screen. This was a refurbished unit, and, according to Apple Care, it is quite possible that the screen was abused (pressed) by the previous owner.(school) Found out it was a College in Eastern USA. I did not know this at the time of purchase. One of the reasons for getting the extended warranty(3 years) was because it was used. I was offered the Warranty by Laptop Depot. Store will not return my calls or E-Mails.

  16. It looks as though my issue has been resolved. Laptop Depot is replacing the G-5 with an identical unit. I should be able to pick it up Saturday at their New store in Riverbend.

  17. Worst computer company ever, i know there store in south ed common is closed, hum wonder why, they will do anything to make a sale and do not stand by anything they sell……I just dont understand how they can still be open……..I have had great luck with Mrlaptop and will stick with this guy…….

  18. Wow. i work for laptop depot in medicine hat. Come down there and ill show u what i know. Hard drives for example 1 in 10 die. I bought my laptop for 800 there when staples had it for 1200. Don’t believe me? I got receipts. The pirated shit. Not an issue. if u don’t like us. 2 words…move on. i got 3 computers. 2 brand new, one from laptop depot. Both hard drives on the brand new ones failed. Also my 1tb hardrive failed as well brand new. Don’t bash what you don’t understand absolutely fully down to the byte.

  19. And sorry Susan when we say its the fastest one in the store doesnt mean its the fastest in the world. Ignorance isn’t bliss anymore. Computers arent all the same at all in anyway. And yes it sucks that yours did that. I can admit we had trouble with computers before for example we ordered 3 brand new screens and every single one came in flawed and that is not what a customer wants to here. And at my store we never send anything away and neither should they unless they found some sort of manufacture warranty on it.

  20. As far as i can tell there isnt any financial problems with us. We have doubled in size over the past year and my boss is planning on opening another one in sask. Im sorry to see everyone bashing down a brand new company because of either lack of knowledge or not having me as the sales guy. ive seen the same exact sob stories for alot of people buying brand new computers, so its not like we are the only ones that had a computer problem. Ex. alienware, 1st gen vista machines having 512ram.

    1. Hey Jordan. I can not say what experience other people has with laptop experience. I am immigrant from China. I never bought any computer in my life. I also believed that Canadian business owner is honest compared to Chinese. When I bought this laptop, I asked sales person that I am getting good deal. 2 weeks later, one of alphabet key popped out. Battery lasted less than 30 minutes. I can not replace the laptop because no exchange policy. I am so disapponted. This is my first time buying a expensive items in Canada. This company makes me doubt Canadian business generally. I would not believe anyone now.
      I am so disappointed in Canadian business and also myself.

  21. Thanks mike for some actual kind responses on here. Small company growing large. Black spots on the screen are due to pressure only. nothing can just spontaneously appear unless there was some kind of contact with the screen itself from the front or even the case on the back for example putting large books on top, closing the screen with something underneath it no matter what it is, excessive amounts of heat and i mean very excessive.

  22. And hey Cam Birch. Yeah you haven’t been to every single laptop depot and talked to every sales rep or tech or owner so you cannot say we’re all slimy despicable people. The guy probably was new and didn’t know everything there was to a computer. You can’t expect to start a job and instantly know everything and explain it in fine detail and in words the don’t sound too geeky for the customer to understand. Takes time. Just like everything.

    1. Hey, why else most of laptop depot is going out of business and changing their name to Mobile Depot. The are liar and asshole.

  23. BTW Fraud? Im sure a company that has doubled in size in a year doesn’t have a sole practice on how to trick people or decieve them. Nice try. Pick this one for your website. I bought a laptop and didn’t like it. And your quote “Since I have actually built Vista installation disks before” is misguiding because all you do is find the ISO and burn it to a cd.

  24. Im planning on everyones hate mail to be in my inbox so im not too worried to see individuals complaining and arguing valid points and don’t want to accept anything that i have said because their minds are made up and intend on hating the company no matter what i said or done. No hard feelings. I am a messenger by choice not duty so anything that is to be said can be said to me directly. If you have any questions at all or want to oppose a threat just hit reply below this message and fire away (pun intended)

  25. Wow Jordan, I guess you have the right to protect your company, Im sure that if you look back at your posts you have just confirmed the attitude of you and Laptop Depot , Maybe by listening and i really mean that LISTENING to the content…of what everyone is saying , they are not happy with your company for there own personal experiences, and you tring to make people sound stupid , did you really think that what you said will help more ….maybe i should show Ray(Owner of LaptopDepot) these posts and see if he can endorce what you said , lets review ::
    The pirated shit. Not an issue. if u don’t like us. 2 words…move on
    .. Were you born on the sun, Microsoft takes piracy very serious , and you sluff it of as if its standard practice for you company.. ..
    Don’t bash what you don’t understand absolutely fully down to the byte.
    Again people wanted some customer service and they received none..
    Quote:And sorry Susan when we say its the fastest one in the store doesnt mean its the fastest in the world. Ignorance isn’t bliss anymore
    Im sure that Susan just wanted the truth they lied to her and took advantage of the situation..her not having ultimate knowledge of computers, im sure she asked there opinion, and she got burnt…

    This concludes are Laptop discussing for the day….

    im sure more to follow……


  26. BBB Accreditation Laptop Depot
    This business is not a BBB Accredited Business

    BBB Rating
    Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F on a scale from A+ to F.
    Factors that lowered this business’ rating include:
    •29 complaints filed against business
    •Failure to respond to 3 complaints filed against business.
    Factors that raised this business’ rating include:
    •Length of time business has been operating.
    •BBB has sufficient background information on this business

    Wow be careful with this company its scary

    heres the direct link to BBB

    Original Business Start Date: October 2000 hey Jordon your a liar you said that laptop depot was a new company …wow your shady to….im sure you will tell us anything to keep you job.

  27. Can anyone tell me why they shut down there location at South Ed Common, i went there to return my laptop for the 5th time,sign say they moved to riverbend, arg these people are by far the worst company i have ever had to deal with……they also shut down there west end store also what is going on with them, do i have to go to calgary for help…..i had a bad feeling about them in the beginning but now i know better…….thanks Mrlaptop for fixing it for free.. and the problem…. the ram was not seeded properly…………i give that guy 5 stars as he didnt ask for money and was truly concerned as my project was due yesterday……laptop depot brain dead…..Know where im taking all my business next time thanks Rob

  28. I am not calling anyone stupid. Im saying that the fact is you shouldn’t go out and buy a laptop without at least shopping around alot and seeing that there are so many computers out there that meet certain needs of the population. And the pirated stuff. i said its not an issue because that store can easily can commercial versions for better costs. And from what I know about the financial area i havent heard about anything financial upsetting towards the company. Companies move around all the time. Just go to better locations for better business. I know for a fact the store here gives great service and the only other on ive been into was sunridge and they were great.

  29. I said if you don’t like us then move on because there is no point creating havic when your problems with a computer and the service you were given is with the tech, sales rep or owner you talked to and dealt with and not every single store that has been opened.

  30. Sorry if ive been absolutely blunt. Everyones got an opinion. Mine is directed to easing the tension and providing a medium instead of having an entire hate page for people to stare at.

  31. Well cindy you know a laptop depot that i have yet to see. For the complaints i haven’t had any directed at myself or the other sales rep here. Our tech whose been in computers for more than my lifetime has a turn around time of 3 days for computers.

  32. Laptop depot is alot newer than most businesses. Example future shop is a branch of best buy. Old company that has done well. They started in 1966. So being 10 years old doesn’t sound that long anymore. Visions electronics started in 1981 and has 27 stores. Computer trends which is still a small business started in 1991. We have 13 stores starting in 2000.

  33. I have moved on thank you I have found a honest guy at mrlaptop in edmonton and he is not a 18 year old kid that doesnt care thanks Rob

  34. Thanks for not responding to the TRUE and important questions

    1 your company has alot of BBS problems

    again you are not listening to anything (Content) thats important here you only tryng to support your Company which has spoken for itself a false way

    Are you completly blind or can you not understand that until you have true and factual ansers that you look like a complete idiot..

    Wew are just trying to get to the truth quit lying and admit some falt

  35. I Want to mention to al her that i bought a computer from Laptop Depot and they lied to me about it. I wanted the 399 special that the advetisd on there ad and when io got the they said that they were out and i need to but a 699.00 computer , shame on you latpop depot for yor dis-honesty i hate you guys for that…

  36. I totally agree with Jordan up there. Ive bought 3 computers from laptop depot in the past 2 years and have had nothing but GREAT things to say about them. I didn’t know how to do a couple things each sales guy or tech ive talked to took time to show me exactly how to do them. I was put off that they were refurbs but they haven’t let me down. Jordan may be blunt but he is making a valid point. Keep up the great work.

  37. Yeah, that 1st generation Vista trying to run with 512MB was a Screwup.

    V iruses
    I intruders
    S pyware
    T rojans
    A dware

  38. Cindy im not gonna fight with you. I honestly have no interest in arguing about the foundation and BBB. I put down some facts. It seems you just don’t care about what i have to say because your being hostile and bashing each of my words. I won’t admit fault because I am not speaking on behalf of the company itself. I am just showing that you don’t have to have such a deep hate for everything and everyone that is a part of the company.

  39. @Alec. Yeah everytime someone bashes vista i just say yeah. throw in some more ram and itll be fine. Microsoft specs you should always double at the very least. My tech dropped 8gbs in his gaming desktop and vista ran prime perfect. Win7 would be the same if they kept the original vista minimums.

  40. They were all selling units with Vista and only 512MB of RAM . That , in my opinion was/is RETARDED!

    You know, people just want something that works. I only deal with Apple Store. Very Knowledgeable Staff.

    If Boeing Aircraft used Microsoft in their aircraft, they would all crash!

  41. Hum, just had one of my clients tell me about this blog…..First of all, i know Laptop Depot and the owner (Ray), as we are competitors in a very difficult business, i am not here to defend or critize any persons or there business practices.. Heres what i can tell you from my personal experience in the computer business.The QUALITY of staffing is one of the most difficult areas to address , its very hard to staff all your stores with aces in the market..Quality of product again with a 3 month standard warranty sometimes can be a concern, hence the extended warranty program, but these can be expensive and with laptop prices in the 300-550 $ range it seems hardly worth the extra cash of a extended warranty cost 200$..I highly doubt that you would have major issues in redeeming your extended warranty unless the owner of said laptop has abused /of physical damage due to the owners neglect…Ray has alot of stores in alberta and i think he is pushing to BC, so he is probably not aware of every problem..Like any company, there are always some bad eggs in the nest, so dont let that reflect a company as a whole…. This thread seems to mostly be about customer service issues, thats a issue at each store level that they should work out..On my end most clents are great, but there are a % of clients that take advantage of us at retail also, so it goes both ways in todays world..The BBB in my opinion is a great tool but the cost of staying a member is 400$ per store, so please understand this that the BBB is a business entity that is about making a profit…..I have being a member for 9 years and this is the first year that i did not renew,if i have a problem with a client then i deal with it……Im sure every company has complaints about them as its hard to make everyone happy with every situation, competition makes us better, shop around, ask questions,if you have a bad gut feeling about the store or the sales person then you have the right to shop elsewere…….you are in control , good luck to all….

    Mrlaptop (Rob) Owner

  42. Hi, former Laptop Depot employee here. I will tell you of some of the great experiences I had while working for the company, I am not saying what happened reflects the entire company, but just the store I worked out which I won’t mention the which one.

    1. One time I fixed a computer under warranty, replaced the hard drive no problem. Called the customers on the Friday and said they would be in Monday to pick it up. during the weekend in which I had days off my boss sold the computer I had fixed to other people. They came in the Monday and I couldn’t find their computer anywhere so I called up my boss and he said that he had sold it, and to tell them it was physically damaged and couldn’t be fixed and to try to sell them a new one. I wasn’t really sure what to do, I sure as hell wasn’t going to try to sell them a system after I had said I had fixed their computer… I told them my boss had to take it to the warehouse briefly over the weekend and told them when he would be in to talk to them. I felt bad about lying to them but I was very stunned by the situation and wasn’t sure what to do. My boss tried to sell them a new computer, which of course didn’t work, and after their hard efforts over the course of a few months my boss ended up giving them a very old laptop with a Pentium 2 processor.. Theirs was lets just say significantly newer.

    2. My boss was a great salesman, but I guess that is not hard when half the things you say are complete bullshit. Every computer wasn’t used it was “missing manuals” “open box” “over stock”. Every dual core was a Core 2 Duo. Every computer with a generic ATI integrated graphics sticker was “A real gaming machine!” Every computer was worth double what we were selling it for even though you could find many things we were selling brand new at the closest Future Shop for the same price or cheaper.

    3. You could have perfect records of your sales and what your commission should be, but when he would look over it around the pay period. Nope he helped with this sale so he took half off, or nope it was his completely! One time I had to keep pressuring him for my paycheck (payed once a month) and didn’t received it OR my next paycheck till 2 weeks after the next pay period. “Problems with taxes” he said.

    4. About half the time when a computer came back under warranty if it needed a part, he would go ahead and tell the customer before I could talk with them that it was physical damage and we couldn’t cover it and would offer them a trade in value as it was unfixable. For any hardware problem… Usually fixable. Occasionally when someone would take the crappy trade in he got, he would make the tech fix it, wipe the hard drive, and put it back on the sales floor for about 4-5X what he payed the customer.

    5. If I was able to tell the customer that it was something like a faulty motherboard a more expensive fix, I would fill out a part request and give it to my boss (I was required to do so). He would take the computer down to the “warehouse” in which about half the time the computer would disappear. My guess is on another laptop depot shelf later. And he would replace the computer with one of lesser value, but of course telling them it was better.

    This is the kind of person that ran the Laptop Depot that I worked at. I have never been to another location so I have no opinions of views on other stores.

  43. hi, bought two computers from laptop depot in north edmonton. both times they were friendly, knowledglable and in now way pushy. they did not try to “up-sell” me, and have been complaint free to deal with. and the computers have held up well.

  44. What a load. Laptop Depot are ripping people off and hiding when it comes down to helping their customers.. may this company burn in bankruptcy

  45. Laptop depot is such a joke, I worked for them for one day before I left in disgust, most of their idiotic staff had only been with the company for like 1 or 2 months and were nothing more than used car salesmen with no technical knowledge of computers at all. They would steal sales from one another, lie about specs, push their crooked “0% financing” you name it.They sold not only their garbage refurbished/corporate lease laptops but also stolen laptops with the kensington security lock slot ripped to shreds because probably some crackhead stole it and sold it to them for $40 their next hit while the laptop will be on the shelf with a 700$ price tag and the manager telling you just the instruction manual was missing and it had never been used.

    Have a problem with your computer? No problem, take it in and you’ll probably either never see it again or have a manager pressuring you into buying a new one. Just read the stories people typed above!

    To be blunt with unsatisfied customers: you have bestbuy across the street selling NEW laptops with BETTER SPECS for CHEAPER or the same price!!!! If you buy from these clowns then you deserve to get ripped off. You have morons like Jordan working for them who will scam old ladies just to make a few bucks while trying to defend them on a blog with the spelling and grammar skills of a 6 year old and telling you to accept pirated software on your computer.

    I really don’t know what else to say, I’m surprised these guys are even still around but I guess there’s a lot of stupid people who will still spend money on refurbished garbage that costs the same new??

  46. Laptop Depot IS A SCAM! I was an EX-EMPLOYEE of LAPTOP DEPOT because I needed a job as pathetic as it sounds I stuck with them for quite a bit of time. My gosh are they evil and this evilness comes from the higher Management given to the sales reps and store Managers, here are a few things that I have seen (and yes Jordan that means you and the precious store you work at deny it all you want but ITS THE TRUTH);

    1. TRADE-INS, if you trade in your laptop due to a defective laptop or just want a an upgrade the whole pitch by your sales person stating they can’t sell it for alot so they can’t pay you alot, DON’T LISTEN ITS A LIE. CUSTOMER take note of the model and serial number or any number you can find on the bottom and take note of it I bet you Laptop Depot will sell it for double the price they gave you for it or near it. If a sales person says its not worth fixing odds are IT IS WORTH FIXING and the salesperson knows that if you trade it in they can sell it for a good price and money in the sales persons pocket RIP OFF!!!!!!!BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. WARRANTY/REPAIRS, becareful when the tech or sales person books in your laptop you may not get it back for more than they qoute you AND even months even though they say it will be a couple days to a couple weeks max just to get a sale on repairs, and if you do the part they fixed/replaced to repair the customers laptop (screen, motherboard, power pin, etc) is probably 45% off another customers unit or 45% off an old laptop that no longer functions and 10% only if it is a hard drive or RAM it probably is new. I would ask for documents on the part that needed to be replaced, but obviously the staff will say theres none or will quickly make a tag or use microsoft word and print it off in the back or something. Ask where they ordered it and ask for the documents for you to keep. Like I said you may not get one because your getting screwed.

    3. PHONE CALLS/ GETTING THE RUNAROUND, CUSTOMERS if your laptop is taking to long to repair and your trying to get answers, managers not calling you, or sorry its just going to be another week sorry to say but your being played for a fool…….A fool!!!!!! Your getting the runaround and yes the Managers at the store and at head office know your situation but are scared to deal with you because A)your laptop is not fixed after how many weeks, months B) they don’t even know where it is C) they made you pay at the beginning for the repair, they say they can find you a part and will take couple weeks to get it in BUT they can’t even find the part and don’t want to give you a refund.

    Theres alot more that I would like to share but I think this is good enough just some pointers, if my grammer or spelling or any thing on this comment doesnt make sense oh well just trying to get to the point across of how this SHADY business runs and how they don’t care about anyone but themselves and of course there wallets.

  47. —->Jordan says:
    March 3, 2011 at 12:24 am
    And hey Cam Birch. Yeah you haven’t been to every single laptop depot and talked to every sales rep or tech or owner so you cannot say we’re all slimy despicable people. The guy probably was new and didn’t know everything there was to a computer. You can’t expect to start a job and instantly know everything and explain it in fine detail and in words the don’t sound too geeky for the customer to understand. Takes time. Just like everything.”

    This comment by Jordan if you really read it, he’s pretty much saying anyone can be hired without any knowledge of a computer how sad, I guess as long as they can sell and lie right Jordan. I wouldn’t spend more than a penny towards a company that didn’t know what there selling. Would you give your car to a mechanic that doesn’t know what he’s doing/ talking about, I know I wouldn’t.

  48. My wife and I bought a laptop there a year ago and have just started to have problems with the OS so I can’t relate to a defective piece of hardware. Just to re affirm what the author of this post said, the software is not licensed. When we brought the laptop home I opened the DVD drive to install a printer, and what’s left in the tray???? A burned copy of windows visa with no license code.

    Originally the computer came with windows vista home but we asked for vista business. They charged us $50 more, which seemed fare but the manager told us we wouldn’t get the standard 90 day warranty which we didn’t have a problem with. But the reason obviously was, they couldn’t warranty an unlicensed product.

  49. Many complaints about this place. Just seems to be an Ongoing Thing. Then again, other places are just as bad, salesman that don’t know anything, etc.

    That’s why I like the Apple Store ! None of this BS !

  50. Jim Smith:

    I am having a hell of a time getting my computer fixed with these $^&%*%^….i have waited approx. 2.5 months to get my LCD screen fixed (and it was under warranty) and finally i got so fed up with dealing with these people that i took it back, unfixed.

    So are you saying that even if i was to contact head office, they wouldn’t do anything about my computer not being fixed? (i have a summer business that i use my laptop for and i NEED it but they wont fix it because i was told they dont order the part unless its cheap enough!) I paid extra money for the warranty, for THIS reason!!

    This is so frustrating, and as a single mom i don’t have the money to go out and buy a new laptop! 🙁 What would be your suggestion as to how to approach this?

  51. If it’s an expensive part, they will likely claim ‘physical damage’

    -File a complaint with the BBB
    – Or do like one poster on this site did, put a sign up voicing your displeasure. Put it up on your front lawn and to Hell with what your neighbors think or say.

  52. RDmom, It should not take them 2.5 months to fix a defective LCD screen. I can guarantee you that it is sitting in the store collecting dust on a shelf somewhere. The “extended” warranty through Laptop Depot is basically a scam. They will not replace anything in your machine if it costs too much money regardless of what they promised you when you were sold the extended warranty to begin with. an LCD replacement is approx. 200 dollars and takes 7-10 business days to ship plus and hour shop rate for install. They are lying to you at this point if it hasn’t been fixed by now. Your best bet is to take it to a competitor and explain the situation and maybe they can swing you a deal. I saw this happen all the time to people when I worked for this company and I felt horrible about it.

  53. Apple mac Man:

    Im actually going to be writing to my local newspaper to try and get the word out that way. Im assuming that just because i am female (and quite honestly dont know much about computers) they think i wont do anything about this. But they are WRONG! I will be trying every way i can to get this word out to my local community as this is absolute crap!

    I will also try the BBB and see if they are a member! Thank you for the ideas 🙂

  54. Steve:

    Thank you for your very forward honesty!! I never thought that it would EVER take 2.5 months to fix something as simple as a LCD screen (unless for some reason there was a HUGE back-order on the actual product!).

    If that’s all it costs to get it replaced then i will take your advice and see what i can do to get it replaced form a competitor. Thx again!!

    1. Just a quick FYI. I recently had a broken laptop screen on a new (less than 90 days) laptop from HP (user error, :(). I sent the laptop in to HP for a repair quote and the official price HP quoted me for repair (replacement actually) was $420. Just a beware item since LCD screens for laptops can be rather expensive due to being unique to the model and somewhat more complex (due to thinness and folding) than their desktop brethren.

      2.5 months is outrageous though, HP would have had the laptop back in my hands in under a week had I decided to go through with the repair (instead I decided to write off the laptop as it didn’t cost much more than that new).

  55. RDmom . I don’t know that much about computers either.

    I honestly think that these ‘so called salespeople’ know even less. I just like stuff that works !

  56. RDmom:

    Well there would be no reason for a huge back order on lcd screens reason being; lcd screens don’t have to be the exact model coming from your laptop as long as the connectors from the back of the screen going to the laptop motherboard match and obviously screen size (ex:lcd screen coming from a Gateway fitting onto a Toshiba). Screens are very easy to order Laptop Depot orders there parts from many wholesalers just where ever they could get the cheapest. Anyone can order a computer part like on ebay or many Computer parts selling online. First off find out when they have a sale on a store go there on the busiest time and day of the week say Saturday just after lunch, remember during a big sale and complain that you’ve waited so long for your laptop and is still waiting. They will try to get you into there service department or in the back so no one will here you but don’t budge. They may also feed you a line like “well the warehouse is closed on the weekend we will call you back on Monday for sure.” That’s there way of saying get out your hurting our scamming…sorry I mean sales don’t buy it ask for a replacement right there, there just stalling with you. I notice working there customers buy what the sales staff say and the customers believes and leaves and they still wait long for there laptop to get fixed. Customers can’t buy into there lies but show they will not stop calling and visitng the store till they get there laptop. Let your voice be heard. I felt bad working there for the customers I felt like I was going to hell working for that business I’m glad I’m out hoped to have saved my soul on time.
    Hope that helps RDmom and all customer that have shopped there.

  57. RDmom:

    To answer that question if you called head office would they help?

    Well you will definately not get a hold of the owner or someone under him don’t waste your time on that one no one wouldn’t care in head office about your complaint even though they act like they do because if they did they would give you a laptop rite off there sales counter.

    >>>>>>>>>>>IMPORTANT<<<<<<<<<<<<<< To everyone
    By the way if they offer you a replacement AND THEY SAY " your replacement has been ordered and there just waiting for it to come in due to the specification on the laptop THATS A LIE… there waiting on a trade-in laptop from a customer to come-in to give to you. SAY NO AND ASK FOR THE ONE YOU SEE ON THERE SALES COUNTER.

    Anything please ask.

  58. Thank you to all who have given me advice! And a big Thank You to Cam Birch for starting this blog!

    I have never had this kind of problem with a business before and i am not normally a confrontational person, but this has frustrated me to the point where i will do almost ANYTHING to let people know what kind of a business Laptop Depot really is!!!

    As a single mom with a side job (that requires my laptop!) to bring in income for the summer, this is extremely disappointing that a company would stoop this low to save money!

  59. ok first of all im very sorry to hear of all the problems with Laptop depot as i was just there today. im hoping that my situation will be different as im only looking for a Asus retailer store to order me a Asus ROG G53SX with no extended warranty( going to do my mods which would void any warranty anyways) if anyone has input and if anyone knows of a different Asus dealer i would greatly appreciate it. now what ive found out through a large amount of research is that many laptop manufactures have a major prob. when it comes to costumer serv./ warranty ie toshiba, msi and a few others. i read of one guy that sent his laptop away to get his touch pad fixed got it back with a broken screen sent it away again and toshiba wouldnt fix it under warranty so they sent it back in pieces and told him they would no longer deal with him. now thats crappy serv. i guess all im trying to say is there is bad apples all over the place and that its up to you to research the product your about to buy. also i would never EVER buy a referbished laptop, that just sounds like a problem waiting to happen.

  60. @ Kyber

    As far as I know there aren’t any actual “Asus” retailers in Edmonton, your best bet would Memory Express or Bcom if you need a specific part. Laptop Depot will probably just order it from eBay and charge you and extra 200 bucks.

  61. thanks big steve after reading about laptop depot thats what i decided to do was call memory express and as far as i can tell they have the best price plus if i find a better price in canada they’ll beat it, which is friggin awsome

  62. this is what i want or better…..
    CPU Intel® Core™ i7 Processor i7-2630QM (2.0GHz Quad-Core)
    Chipset Mobile Intel® HM65 Express Chipset
    Main Memory 8GB DDR3 1333 MHz SDRAM, 4 x SO-DIMM socket for expansion up to 16GB SDRAM
    Display 15.6″ 16:9 Full HD (1920×1080) LED backlit
    Video Graphics NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460M, with 1.5GB GDDR5 VRAM

    Hard Drive 750G 7200rpm SATA
    Optical Drive Super Multi DVD
    Card Reader 5 in 1 card reader SDXC, MMC, MS, MS-Pro, MS-Duo
    Video Camera 2.0 Mega Pixel web camera

    Fax / Modem / LAN / WLAN Integrated 802.11 b/g/n
    Built-in Bluetooth™ V2.1+EDR
    10/100/1000 Base T

    Interface 1 x Microphone-in jack
    1 x Headphone-out jack
    1 x USB 3.0 port(s)
    3 x USB 2.0 port(s)
    1 x RJ45 LAN Jack for LAN insert
    1 x HDMI
    Audio Built-in Speakers
    EAX Advanced HD 5.0
    THX TruStudio

    Battery Pack 8 cells: 5200 mAh 75 Whrs
    AC Adapter Output: 16 V DC, 4.7 A, 150W
    Input: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz universal

    Included Accessories Gaming Backpack
    Gaming Mouse
    Illuminated Keyboard

    Dimensions (WxDxH) 39.1 x 29.7 x 2~5 cm
    Weight 3.78 kg (with 8 cell battery)

  63. but this is the new 1 out in july 3d without glasses…
    Processor & Cache Memory 2nd Generation Intel® Core i7-2630QM, 2.0~2.9GHz,32nm, 6MB, 45W
    Operating System Genuine Windows7® Home Premium 64
    Chipset Mobile Intel® HM65 Express Chipset (Sandy Bridge)
    Main Memory 12GB DDR3 1333 MHz SDRAM, 3 x 4GB SODIMM Up to 16GB
    Display 15.6″ 1920×1080 FHD Glossy
    Video Graphics & Memory nVidia GeForce GTX 560M 2GB GDDR5, DX11
    Hard Drive 750GB 7200rpm 2.5″ 9.5mm SATA II 16MB
    Optical Drive 8X DVDRW Super Multi DVDRW/CDRW
    Card Reader 5 in 1 card reader, SD,MMC,MS,MS-Pro,XD
    Video Camera 2.0 Mega Pixel web camera
    Fax/Modem/LAN/WLAN Built-In Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
    Built-in Wireless ABGN
    LAN: 10/100/1000Mb
    LED Status Indicator HDD
    Interface 1 x Microphone-in jack
    1 x Headphone-out jack
    1 x VGA port/Mini D-sub 15-pin for external monitor
    1 x USB 3.0 ports 3 x USB 2.0 ports
    1 x RJ45 LAN Jack for LAN insert
    1 x HDMI 1.4
    Audio Built-in speaker and microphone
    SRS Premium Sound
    Keyboard 348mm size Chiclet Illuminated Keyboard
    Numberic Keyboard
    Battery Pack & Life 8 cells 5200mAh
    Dimension & Weight
    7.9 lbs with 8 cell battery
    15.6″ x 11.9″ x 0.8″ – 2″

  64. I bought an HP DV7 there about six months ago and last week the hard drive went. The guy there is telling me it has something to do with the Windows updates???? They replaced the hard drive and backed up the old files. I have misplaced the receipt and have our accountant looking for the one in a file at our office (work from home computer). They are telling me they haven’t heard back from head office if it’s covered or not.

    …….maybe I should have questioned how the twenty somethings that are working there are driving new BMW’s

  65. This company is a fraud. Not even talking about there product, or lack of. They sell franchise locations like crazy using the money made from the sale to stock there stores. and when the 90 days goes buy for the new franchisee to back out of the deal they stop delivering product. I know owners that are looking at canned meat for christmas because of the broken promises from Ray and the crew. When you do decide to back out of the franchise you have to sue them to get your money back. This comany is currently being sued by a media company for not paying it’s advertising costs to the tune of 30,000.00 per location across the chain. not to mention the 1,000,000.00 law suit from Pro-Data that they are facing for not poaying for the inventory they pre-ordered.

    If you even think of buying one of these locations, dont. If you did, get out now. Don’t look at the couple of months good sales books from sunridge location. look at the couple of months from every store.

  66. I bought an HP laptop at one of their stores because they the one I chose is only on pre-order.

    several weeks later, when I went to pick up the laptop, I was given another one Acer, a totally different brand.

    That sounds freaky! I wanted to know if I’m the only one, or is this their system?!!

  67. I was we”ll say (involved) with this company for a few years, I can say that I will never purchase anything from one of their stores. If your waiting for a laptop you have paid for already, good luck. If you brought it in for a hardware repair, kiss it goodbye! I can tell you that alot of the front line guys & gals are good people that drank the kool-aid. Oh and if you think Computer Trends is the answer, you’d be interested to know that they are old business partners!! NEVER purchase refurbished computers, their cheap enough new, and with refurbished there is NO Manufacturers warranty, know matter what they tell you. No laptop company “refurbishes” their own machines, so they are purchased when broken by an outside company fixed then resold without the involvement of the manufacturer. Good luck ya’ll

  68. Re Allison on Dec 23:
    Here is what happens, from week to week the company really has no idea what stock it is getting. So when a customer comes in that you cannot satisfy you are to call a company mgr and they would inform you of this great machine that is coming in at a great price, brand new, flashy, and may even get it earlier if you buy warranty. Best part is you need to pay in full before they can “order” the laptop (keeping in mind they have very little controll over the stock they get) Oh and there is a “No Refund” policy to kick you in the a$$ when that new flashy laptop ends up to be a refurbished scratched machine that someone has revived back to life. But don’t worry you have that warranty right? Check out the fine print of everything you spend money on, it may amaze you what you are agreeing to. #1 rule in retail shopping, no refund no purchase!
    So Allison in closing get your money out if you can or cross your fingers, and in the future buy new, and from somewhere that has a return policy. Good luck!

  69. Re: Jayson Dec 15;
    You are bang on, myself and another investor were in the que to get a franchise, till we looked at their inventory and cash flow management. Needless to say I won’t be eating canned beef this year! Oh and that store in east Ed that shut down? The FAMILY member that owned it couldn’t pay the bills due to LACK of INVENTORY!!! Laughable!

  70. Same thing happened to me, purchased laptop after 2hours machine crash, rushed to shop and manager say no refund only exchange and machine is totaly dead an cannot fix.

  71. Bought Gateway notebook on Dec 31 at WEM – sales person didn’t advise it would be “re-conditioned”. Received a week later and cover was scratched and Gateway label was sloppily re-glued , monitor had marks. This was clearly a used machine! Talked to manager and he was adamant the machine was new, it only came in box that says re-conditioned so purchaser wouldn’t call Gateway on warranty issues. This is clearly a case of consumer misrepresentation. More like there’s no manufacturer warranty. He offered to exchange for another but can’t say when more will arrive, only to call next Friday Have called Alberta Consumer Services. Will try to get a refund. Don’t ever buy from Lap Top Depot again. They are so unscrupulous !!!

  72. John B, I’m interested in hearing more of what you know about this franchise.

    I’m surprised how do they have that many stores across Canada, and expanding to the US, despite all those unhappy people?!!

    The store of east Ed is open and fully operational. Now sure what you mean but ‘shut down’.

    I don’t know who to believe anymore.

  73. They have been talking about moving into the USA for at least 6 years. Good luck with that, they really have no chance in that market.

  74. Well looks like Laptop Depot is going out of business. Looks like the Clareview store is closed and has a sign up saying Laptop Depot owes money to the building owner. Scam Scam Scam, pass this on so people would know.

    1. Yes. There was Laptop Depot in Beacon hill Calgary. I called 2 years later to ask advice regarding a computer I bought from there. Of course, that store is out of business. They kept phone number and changed store name. He told me he still sell computer. I told him fuck off

  75. I know what you mean I dropped by Clareview and they are closed and they told me they are under going renovations clearly they are not. What lies are those.

  76. Yea those guys are scam artists. I hear they are going to the states so I am guessing all the customers here and franchises will be screwed over time. Don’t deal with these guys.

  77. Galaxy I talked to a few people today and looks like no one likes this company. Seems like they used to deal with RBC bank and then HSBC. A good friend of mine from RBC says that Laptop Depot has like no money and no one wants to lend them money at all. Hence why they switched from South Common to such a small location in Riverbend. Clearly they can’t pay rent.

  78. I heard that two locations of laptop Depot closed down. One in Clareview Edmonton, and one in Riverbend Edmonton.

    Any body knows why or what’s going on?

    Is it true they are going out of business?

    Let’s guess which location will be the next to close.

  79. My friend Mark:

    Laptop depot is going out of business.

    Why would a company that consists of 5 employees, hire a full-time lawyer.

  80. They are OK in products and services, why you think this happened to them? is it me only was ok with the services.

    1. Lucky you, most customer appears to have really bad experience with laptop depot. It is going out of business. Changed name to Mobile Depot

  81. Daniel, don’t confuse the front guys with the essense of the brand. Those guys are trying their best, trying to earn a living. If you had a good brand/machine, you wouldn’t really need service.

    if you use google well, you’ll find the difference between their prices, and the real market prices.

    1. It is not true. Honest sales person would not riff off older or new immigrant off. As long as I know, they are scam artist. I wifi spread my experience. The store I bought laptop went out of business however kept old phone number. It is called now Mobile Depot.

    2. No, Sales person at laptop depot was liar and scam artist. May all laptop depot go out of business. I will dance with joy

  82. Former employee here, I just want to say LAPTOP DEPOT will do anything to make a sale then when your computer breaks down they leave the customer hanging with a broken laptop and a waste of warranty if purchased. I don’t know how the owners of Laptop Depot sleep at night. I can’t believe there still in business I felt bad when customers were getting scammed into buying from this company one of the reason’s why I left fast. Please spread the word around not to purchase from this company I told my family and friends not to step foot in the store as I did not want them to get ripped off. If you purchase a computer from this company you just threw your money away as it will break down and service is terrible you will not see your laptop for a long time or you get the run around, receive a different computer of lesser spec an value. SPREAD THE WORD THIS COMPANY HAS TO GO DOWN. THIS COMPANY IS THE HOUSE OF LIES.

  83. You’re 100% right Mr. Bean.

    This company is a fraud, total fraud. Did you know how store closed in the past year? South Common, West Edmonton, Clareview, and Riverbend Square.

    The whole company is going out of business.

  84. List of laptop depot stores that shutdown:

    South common – Edmonton
    west Edmonton
    Clareview – Edmonton
    Riverbend – Edmonton
    Kelowna BC
    Lethbridge AB

    6 stores so far, and they still say their franchise has 0 failures.

  85. Weird business it is, shops in many places and no stock …
    Walk in store they trying selling you anything on shelf

  86. I have read all of the comments on this blog. Like any other franchise business, the store is only as good as it’s owner. Therefore, I would like to hear back from anyone who has dealt with Adel at the Calgary South 7004 MacLeod Trail Depot. This location has been open for many many years. I was NOT told that the laptops are refurbished but was told that I could order the new version of anything in store….

  87. Rena, did you ask how much it would cost for that ‘new’ version? and did you compare it to the advertised price? They will simply buy it for you online, and charge you few hundred dollars on top of it.

    Laptop Depot has NEVER put on their shelves any new machines.

    Why is this Calgary store running for many years?:There aer few other stores like this and there’s a catch behind that. It will be revealed in the proper timing. Keep coming to this blog.

    DID YOU KNOW: Another store shut down. Surrey, BC. Congratulations Ray.

  88. From an insider:

    Laptop depot will be closing all its locations soon. Suppliers are denying them products and they are now buying from and reselling at a higer price.

    Ray, can you deny it? keep in mind, you might find yourself on youtube.

  89. From an insider:

    Laptop depot will be closing all its locations soon. Suppliers are denying them products and they are now buying from openbox[dot]ca and reselling at a higer price.

    Ray, can you deny it? keep in mind, you might find yourself on youtube.

  90. Hi guys, I just wanted to comment here since it seem’s like their are all bad reviews on here. I’m not too sure what stores you guys have been dealing with, but I’d just like to say I have been a long customer at the Laptop Depot in Medicine Hat and they are very very well liked. They have a great foundation in the community here and they have a very good reputation. I dealt with a salesperson by the name of Jaime and he helped me out so much with my laptop. I had an issue that was software related (which isn’t covered under warranty) but since it was a quick fix he turned on my laptop right while I was there and fixed the issue within 5 minutes, and also helped me set up my email with no charge to me. he just told me to tell a friend and that I have a great rest of my day. This store’s customer service is exceptional. It’s always a pleasure walking into that store.

  91. Susan, with all the stores shutting down and this brand falling apart, I’m not surprised they did not shine your shoes. Don’t you see they’re desparate!!!

    Who would buy from such a store, or believe in any warranty, knowing that any store might shut down suddenly.

  92. In Red Deer the local Laptop Depot has changed it’s name to Mobile Depot (or something like that). Wonder how the laptop warranty is working. As for Medicine Hat, it I believe is a franchise so they can choose the quality of their service, and have a larger influence over their inventory. It’s just too bad the company can’t run it’s stores or service as well as some of it’s franchises.
    This company started off with all the right ideas, but greed is a killer.

  93. Mobile Depot signs are replacing Laptop Depot ones “name changed”
    Nothing much will change as greed and fraud stays in blood.

  94. They changed the brand name for the following reason:

    The brand ‘laptop depot’ had become synonym to ‘Fraud’ in Google and search engines dictionary. everytime you google this brand, the fraud word comes right away. They’re unable to sell any other franchises, 7 stores shut down, and no major mall are allowing them in.

    With this change, they don’t need to pay a full-time puppet to write positive reviews, and no need to contract experts in social media to promote them.

    Not to mention rumors about multiple law suits against them.

  95. All of you are so sad, reason for the name change is they got into phones and tablets, my warranty remains the same. I actually almost didn’t buy a laptop from this company because of your comments but why take someone else’s advice because they had a bad experience. I have now bought 3 laptops from the macleod location no major problems mostly virus removals which is covered with my warranty I for one have nothing bad to say about my experience. One thing all of you have to realize is new or refurbished laptops no matter from what location or what company being a major locations like best buy or future shop is they are going to have problems these companies don’t build the laptops they get them from the manufacture or a supplier that works for the manufacture if you have a problem and automatically blame the company for being shitty then you sir are a complete moron congrats on your new title you fucking moron go do something else with your life’s then whine and complain till you get your way but hey maybe I shouldn’t blame you maybe i should blame your parents for not using a condom

    1. That is true that the shop does not makes computer however, they should not lie and riff off customers. The name changed now to mobile depot

  96. @bigsteve..ladies and gentleman this is exactly the moron I was talking about congrats buddy your response is exactly why I posted on here.. and where exactly do they get there computers from since you seem to know so much about them get over yourself buddy you had a bad experience life goes on boo fucking hoo pull your panties back up and suck it up princess

  97. Corporate leasebacks, demo units, refurbs, none of which are purchased through the manufacturer or authorized resellers, mostly from auction resellers out East. You probably think they have a giant warehouse full of employees as well don’t you?

  98. Your actually correct your not as dumb as I made you out to be they sell there demo models just like any other store they sell copporate lease backs which is the lower end laptops like toshiba tecras and IBM desktops and as for the refurbished machine yeah they do sell refurbished that’s why I went there numb nuts they also sell brand new my hp laptop I got from them still has 1 year manufacture warranty.. This honestly comes down to you having a bad experience so your ripping on a company because you didn’t get your way?? Hahahahahahaha

  99. Apple Store, at Southgate for me!

    Get my 15 minutes FREE at the Genius Counter when ever the need arises. Apple costs more , but is cheaper in the Long Run.

  100. @Lol…. I’m sure a genius like you can clearly explain and swallow why 7 stores shut down in one year!!!

    I’m glad you didn’t yet have a bad experience, but ask your dad about his bad one with you mom that resulted in you. LOLLLLLLL

    BTW, do you get paid per posting or per stupidity?!

  101. @Terry; The whole thing about stores like BestBuy, Future Shop, etc. is the price, due to people being tapped out from their own stupidity.

    Like I said, I deal with the Apple Store at Southgate Mall. When there is a problem, any problem, the Genius counter fixes it, all within 15 minutes(free of charge) eg. my screen stopped communicating with the mac mini. This was found out by plugging in one of their test screens. Do you realize that some places have people that are NOT Smart enough to even do this?

  102. Laptop depot facts in brief:

    Refurbished more expensive than NEW

    Store that shutdown in one year:

    List of laptop depot stores that shutdown:

    South common – Edmonton
    West Edmonton
    Clareview – Edmonton
    Riverbend – Edmonton
    Kelowna BC
    Lethbridge AB

    I walked past the Red Deer location on the weekend when I was there and it was closed……lease sign in the window and even 75% of the decals torn off…..So classy.
    Too bad for Michael…… wait he got a spot on a life raft off that sinking ship……good work Michael!

  104. Add those two store to the closed locations:

    Medicine Hat
    Red Deer.

    What’s the total count now, anybody keeping track?? I lost track myself

    1. Beacon hill laptop depot also closed. When I called old number, he told me it is renamed as mobile depot. I am not sure location

  105. I’ll help you out guys with the up-to-date list of FAILED stores:

    1- South common Store– Edmonton
    2- West Edmonton Location
    3- Clareview – Edmonton
    4- Riverbend – Edmonton
    5- Kelowna BC
    6- Lethbridge AB
    7- West Edmonton Mall (The second in West Edmonton)
    8- Cross Iron Mall
    9- Surrey BC
    10- Medicine Hat AB
    11- Red Deer AB

    Coming soon….. Mobile-Depot @ Crowfoot , just opened, and still in the Honey moon phase.

  106. It’s been a while nobody left any note here.

    Hey folks, what’s up? which store closed, or is closing?

    Any updates on Crowfoot’s sales for the boxing day? probably didn’t cover half the expenses.

  107. Wow, lol I worked for laptop depot about a year ago and left out of disgust with the companies practices and general attitude towards customers. Also the fact that I had to engage in threats of contacting the labor board each of the three times I was payed by them… late. I noticed the other day while in WEM the store I worked at had been converted to the new “Mobile-Depot” brand… a quick search reveals the same issues and an F rating from the BBB. I don’t understand how this company is still in existence short of being a front for a criminal organization used to launder money… that is seriously all I can come up with. I am satisfied to read that there is a universal hatred for this company (short of a couple people who posted here and were obviously working for them at the time). The only downside is they seem to still exist in another form.. but from what I read that will not last long!

  108. Fellows,

    A group of the closed stores have law suits against laptop depot (now Mobile Depot).

    Anyone who may have any helpful information about their fraud is invited to share it by sending it to:


    Soon, we will have a website that will tell the UNTOLD.

    Ray, are you ready?

  109. You didnt state any fact just ur dated opinions. People shouldnt have to know EVERYTHING abouy a computer, they go to you salesmen to become informed. What ever happened to the customer is always right? When did it become shop at ur own discretion? And any buisness that operates under those principles or has employees that enforcw those ideals in not a trustworthy buisness. You are starting to give urself the same rep as a used car salesman and have u ever heard anything good said about them? Nuff said.

  110. Yeah, I bought a laptop computer from there. I am still angry at myself believing what the sales person told me about the price. I found out that I could buy a new laptop with money I paid for. I will never buy computer from there and warn my friend about laptop depot. Do not buy computer from there. Do not believe sales person

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