Found Some Deals

Something that can often be the bane of a small business owners existence is how expensive things can be.  Especially computers.

So to help you out with that I will occasionally post deals that I find that may be of interest to business owners.  Most of these deals will likely only be applicable to Canadian businesses but that will depend.

So this time the deals that I have found that could be of interest to the small business are from Dell.  Dell has an event running from Monday April 12, 2010 to April 23 (excluding weekends).  Each day they post about 6 deals that might be of interest to small businesses.  Actually the products are only found on the Small Business site so I guess that’s a clue.

New deals show up at about 6AM eastern time so you’ll need to keep and eye.  Check them out at the Days of Deals site on the Small Business area.  Previous days deals have included desktop and laptop computers with discounts of $100 to many hundred dollars and some very interesting prices on peripherals for computers.

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