Finding Success Inside of Failure

Road To SuccessWhen trying to build a business there are a number of major items that could make you fail.  Failing to plan for an audit, not keeping your receipts, not taking time off, taking all your time off.  One of the most helpful items to ensure you smooth out your business is to find out how other people have failed.

Success stories fuel our desires to head out into the unknown and discover great wealth.  Only the most successful people become the stories we tell ourselves to keep motivated.  The people who have that golden touch who succeed where everyone else had failed.

The problem with success stories is there isn’t much useful to learn from those who succeeded.  Usually trying to copy them is basically a direct line to complete failure.  The reason people succeed is timing, skill, and often previous failures.  The problem is the story doesn’t tell of how many times they failed.

The road to success is usually through failure.  The most effective route to success is to learn from the failures of others.  Rather than having to experience each failure first hand you need to seek out failures.  Learn from their mistakes and turn their failures into your success.  Each new failure is another way to ensure you manage to succeed.

Failures are actually quite hard to find.  They hide in the shadows and try to pretend that it didn’t happen.  Unfortunately most failures end up being very costly mistakes and getting up to try again isn’t usually an option.  For you to have the best of success you need to find those who had the worst of failure.  These life lessons will ensure you do not need to learn the same lesson twice.

Learning from other peoples failures is a means to an end, not the end itself.  Always ensure that those success stories are around you as well, failure can beget failure.  To balance failure with success should ensure an ultimate recipe for success.

Finishing school doesn’t dismiss us from leaning it just means that the learning is going to be more hard to win.  Don’t stop learning, just like you need to keep trying.  Success is just turning failure into a lesson for success.

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