Ethics in Business

ethicsI was reading an wonderful opinion piece in The Star.  You can read it here if you like.  Its all about ethics in journalism and how in our current economy the journalists need to be more ethical.

Without ethics, there is no difference between being a journalist and posing as a journalist.

This has to be the truest phrase I have heard in a long time.  Its actually quite true for any profession and without ethics our entire society is nothing.

Recently, with the worldwide economy struggling I have been seeing society responding to their new situation with panic and, quite honestly, a lack of ethics.  This has been playing out everywhere but nowhere has it been more public than in the media.  Each media group rushing the news out to ensure they don’t get scooped.  Unfortunately this rush has been at the expense of accuracy and has caused much panic that was completely unnecessary.

This failure of ethics has filtered down throughout society and we are now finding it everywhere.  People arguing and backstabbing at work, lying and refusing to pay their bills, and walking away from their mortgages without a good reason.  People are behaving irrationally and without some rational thinking our society is going to crumble.

Tough times call for more ethics, not less.

Ethics in Business

With more than half of all people in North America employed by small businesses it is up to the business owners and managers to calm down and apply truth and ethics to their business dealings.  This, more than anything, should ensure stability and loyalty from both our employees as well as our customers.

As the owner of a small business I know that my word/reputation is the true commodity.  I live by my word and I will die by my word.  I cannot afford to destroy my reputation by failing with ethics, can you?

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