Don’t Do Work, Do What You Love

Hard WorkIf you hadn’t guessed from some of my previous posts I work in the IT industry.  For me this means I have tons of fun each day doing all kinds of cool Internet and computer related tasks.  It also means that 99% of those I meet cannot possibly understand why I have so much fun.  For me computers and generally all things technology comes easy, for everyone else it isn’t easy.

If you are going to work for yourself or own a small business (really the same thing I guess) you need to do what you love to do.  If my business was woodworking and painting I would be bored and pulling my hair out each day.  I honestly do not love woodworking at all.  Yet I know people who work with wood each day and have so much fun it can be frustrating.  I may not understand why they love to work with wood, but I can totally understand loving what you do.

A small business has dozens of tasks that are not directly related to the core of the business.  These tasks can include employee management, customer management, accounting, book keeping, inventory, shipping and receiving, marketing and much more.  Tasks that are not what you love to do can be seriously draining upon your passion for business and your love for what you do best.  This can be a major killing point for small businesses.

For myself I do a number of non-business tasks because it saves me some money and I want to know what is happening with my business.  This works out pretty well for me since most of those extra tasks are on the computer and as you can guess I love my computer.  I know plenty of others who have also taken on many tasks themselves because they want to ensure it gets done right.  The main problem is most of these people are taking time away from their primary business interest to perform these menial tasks.

If you are taking time away from your primary business venture to perform tasks like book keeping or the like you need to make sure that saving yourself money is actually occurring.  Your time spent on tasks not designed to make you money is time that money is being saved but could also be time that money is being earned.  On the flip side I know many people who have taken on these tasks and yet they never get done.  This can be quite foolish especially if one of those tasks was billing customers.

So what do you do when you find yourself overwhelmed with work?  You really have 3 choices, get better at doing it, stop working altogether or outsource the work.  I am sure you can figure out how to quit on your own.  I am also not quite ready to give top quality advice on how to do everything all by yourself and be a superhuman, if you truly think you can do that then by all means try.  When you fail I hope you will come back here before quitting.

The only real option when you are loosing money because you cannot accomplish everything is to outsource the work.  This can mean hiring someone, locally outsourcing or even internationally outsourcing.  The option you choose can depend upon a number of factors.  I will be covering these in detail in a series of articles coming up.

For now, concentrate on doing what you love.  Take the time to really enjoy your passion again.  There is nothing like someone who really loves what they do, it shows through and will likely be the core of your success.

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One thought on “Don’t Do Work, Do What You Love”

  1. This is a great advice. I spoke with a friend of mine the other day who told me that if you work your whole life on an ordinary job you will make about 200 000 dollars, after food, house, etc. is paid.

    So, 40 years with 220 days of work each year. And you will only have 200 000 dollars to live life..

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