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World Through Your EyesThis week contains the two most important holidays in North America.  The holidays started yesterday with the celebration of Canada Day and the week will end with the celebration of Independence Day.

The past 6-9 months have shown quite effectively how the world is no longer a loose collection of independent countries.  Our planet is now a heavily interconnected web of countries.  No where is this more obvious then the Internet.  The Internet has shown how people from all countries can easily cooperate and work to together to build a better world, even when their social ideals are completely different.

Small businesses and businesses on the web have begun embracing the world to get things done.  Products are made in countries that do such things well, often to be shipped and sold in different countries.  Competition on the world stage isn’t easy, especially for those who live in rich countries.  It can be rather difficult to compete on price when the group you are competing against can actually live and exist on 5-10x less than yourself.

Now is when companies are beginning to adapt and realize that price is not a primary motivating factor.  Many companies are now recovering from the crazy push 5 years ago for outsourcing.  With the economy down, now is the time to refocus our business energies on our core.  Money may be important, but qualities like doing a good job, pride and service are all incredibly important and have been forgotten for quite some time.

As we have seen recently money (or the appearance of money) can be faked.  What cannot be easily faked is Pride, Quality and Service.  These are the core fundamentals of business.  In our interconnected world, lets remember that we can work together and provide these core fundamentals or we can combat and fail together as has already been happening.

Photo Credit: alles-schlumpf

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