Acer To Bring Netbooks To Notebooks

acer_aspireonea0751h_fullI love seeing new and innovative technology.  Especially the kind that is targeted at saving people time and/or money.  In the notebook and netbook world Acer has been the company to watch.  Just this week Acer announced yet another interesting addition to the netbook family, a 11.6 inch laptop.

Netbooks have been the one area of the computing world that hasn’t been affected by a bad economy.  I believe this is due to their low price and generally useful size.  Only a few years ago you would have had to pay a premium price for a laptop with a size similar to these ultra-cheap and portable machines.

I especially see this new netbook realm being an excellent opportunity for small businesses.  Only rarely have I seen anyone who actually requires a more powerful laptop than can be found in a netbook.  People throw around all kinds of stats regarding the percentages of people and use of a computer, so I thought I would make up one of my own.

80% of computer users do not need any computer more powerful than a netbook.

Very few people actually use a computer for more than basic word processing, Internet, IM and e-mail, and that is where this beautiful new computer comes in.  Acer is finally releasing the first netbook with a 100% size keyboard.  That means the only trade off of a netbook is reduced processing speed.  In exchange you get portability, and a superior price.  I’ll take a dozen.

If you are looking at replacing or purchasing a new computer anytime soon, I would recommend that you take a serious look at a netbook.  Make sure the netbook is a Windows XP netbook or you will have some issues with having to relearn the operating system, otherwise the lower cost and finally a real size keyboard makes a computer like this a really hard bargain to pass up.  I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to replace my computer with this because I am one of the few who doesn’t just use my computer for Internet.  I am seriously looking at a netbook like this for a backup computer.  I might even purchase one for my wife as well.

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